Why Choose Us?

Shoji Planning, LLC has been providing problem solving through planning and facilitation services within the state of Oregon since 1996.  Prior to developing the business, Crystal Shoji, AICP, worked for 21 years with local communities as a city/county planner, inter-governmental coordinator and chamber of commerce executive.

Crystal understands how people and organizations interact within their communities, and she knows the ins and outs of the complex state and federal regulatory framework.  This knowledge has made her extremely successful in her profession as she works with local leaders to build businesses, organizations and communities.  Her technical expertise and years of experience with Oregon's land use planning program makes her a specialist in assisting businesses, municipalities and other professionals in addressing planning and zoning issues within the Oregon framework.

Shoji Planning, LLC has provided services for a number of municipalities, businesses and nonprofit organizations.  To access a listing of sample clients and projects, click on the section entitled "Portfolio" on the Home Page.  For references, please call (541) 267-2491.

Personalized Delivery

Crystal Shoji, AICP, works closely with each organization to assess its needs at project start-up.  She facilitates meetings with stakeholders with a style that merges respect for the individual and the expertise each one brings to the table with her own broad experience and expertise concerning the workings of organizations and communities.  She is skilled at providing an appropriate framework for meetings and interactions, consistently setting a tone that encourages the expression of differing opinions while remaining focused and friendly.  The result is an individualized plan of action that is clearly understood by those who will carry out the activities.