Shoji Planning, LLC

Shoji Planning, LLC assists local governments, private property owners, and professionals including architects, engineers, and attorneys. The firm was established in 1996. Shoji understands how to navigate the local plans, and follow the procedures. Knowing the right questions to ask and when to consult with agencies and other professionals is the key to success.

In addition to Crystal Shoji’s certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners, Shoji Planning, LLC is affiliated with the American Planning Association, the Oregon Planning Association, and the Oregon City Planning Directors Association.

Crystal Shoji, AICP - Principal

Crystal Shoji is the founder and owner of Shoji Planning. She is involved in all aspects of the business, and is the firm’s principal planner and facilitator. With years of experience in land use planning and community development on the Oregon Coast, Crystal specializes in land-use planning and permitting, and facilitation of groups and processes. She has a full understanding of the coastal culture, and helps clients find solutions to suit their needs.

Prior to founding the firm, Crystal worked for 21 years with Oregon communities as an educator, city/county planner and intergovernmental planner. She has been instrumental in the development of many of the Oregon Coast’s city and county comprehensive plans and zoning policies, while working with local governments. Today she maintains and interprets codes, organizing all that is needed for local and state permitting.

Crystal earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Oregon State University, and completed postgraduate studies at Western Oregon State University and Southern Oregon State University.  

She served as Mayor of Coos Bay for three terms, and was the manager of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce for over a decade. Living and working in Coos County for nearly four decades, Crystal appreciates the interactions between people, the land, and the built environment. This is the driving force behind the business. Crystal’s passion for helping individuals and groups navigate the regulations that govern our use of the land is why Shoji Planning continues to be respected at all levels.