Experienced Planner and Facilitator

Shoji Planning, LLC has been providing services for a number of municipalities, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals within the state of Oregon since 1996.  Prior to developing the business, Crystal Shoji, AICP worked for 21 years with local communities as a city/county planner, inter-governmental coordinator and chamber of commerce executive.

Shoji merges the elements of strategic planning and long range planning utilizing integrated planning concepts, a practical approach that results in sound decisions.  Emphasis on involving all stakeholders during the planning process builds bridges, which in turn facilitates long-term success.  Shoji’s approach is based upon training and technical expertise, her own personal perspective that everyone has a piece of the truth, and in-depth experience in facilitating consensus.

Training and Experience

  • Nationally certified planner through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP); continuing education maintains certification:  21 years experience land use and planning in rural Oregon. 
  • Certified facilitator through the Law and Entrepreneurship Center’s Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program, University of Oregon: more than 30 years experience in facilitating a variety of groups and public involvement processes.
  • Certified by Shipley Group, “How to Manage the NEPA Process and Write Effective NEPA Documents.”
  • Bachelor of Science and postgraduate education - Western Oregon University, Language Arts/Social Science; postgraduate education - Southern Oregon State University, Linfield College and the University of Oregon.
  • Oregon's land use planning program; problem solving at the local level - 25 years experience beginning at the outset of Oregon’s statewide planning program.  Developed citizen involvement publications and programs used as statewide models. Coordinated among competing jurisdictions for coordinating urban growth boundaries. Currently administers grants and programs; prepares staff reports; organizes long-range planning documents to comply with statewide goals; coordinates information through political processes; prepares documents for public review and adoption. Prepares applications for individuals and businesses.  Coordinates for state and federal permits that apply at the local level. Provides training about local planning for staff members, planning commission members, and others.
  • Graduate of the Institute for Organization Management, U.S. Chamber of Commerce/ University of Colorado with emphasis on facilitation, group dynamics, community processes and development of nonprofit organizations.  Served as Executive Director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce for 11 years, growing a then stagnant organization from approximately 200 to 650 members, which was the largest business organization on the Oregon Coast.  The Chamber grew programs and increased influence.  Shoji was awarded "Executive of the Year" by the Oregon Chamber Executives for achievement and excellence.  Shoji Planning, LLC integrates successful nonprofit development concepts into strategic planning for nonprofits.

Business and Professional Affiliations

  • Crystal Shoji, AICP is currently serving as the Mayor of the City of Coos Bay.
  • Member of American Planners Association, American Institute of Certified Planners, and Oregon Planners Association.
  • Active in Rotary International/Coos Bay North Bend Rotary Club for more than 20 years.
  • Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors member.
  • Chair, Coos County Library District Board.
  • Recognized as Coos Bay (Oregon) person of achievement, Delta Kappa Gamma.
  • Shoji Planning, LLC contributes to a number of cultural, youth and community enhancement programs that serve Southwestern Oregon.

Involvement of Other Professionals

  • Shoji Planning, LLC is experienced in carrying contracts and working as a partner, prime contractor, or subcontractor.  Projects may involve architects, engineers, CPAs and other professionals.
  • Shoji works closely with private clients and those from governmental agencies, businesses and organizations to incorporate their expertise.
  • Crystal Shoji, AICP, can help you determine the appropriate level of professional expertise to meet your needs, and suggest other professionals to fulfill your project and service requirements.
Emphasis on involving all stakeholders during the planning process builds bridges, which in turn facilitates long-term success.